Friday, May 24, 2013

Time's Short for Dahlia Tubers at Market

Andy shows off a favorite variety.
 Memorial Day Weekend and May 30 to June 2 will likely be the last chance to get Lynch Creek Farm's great dahlia tubers at the Olympia Farmers Market.

It's still a good time to plant dahlias in the northern parts of the country, but the window for planting is getting close to closing for the season. Nevertheless, the booth at the market still offers a great selection of dahlia tubers, and Nathanael or Evé or whoever is on duty at the market will offer great tips for making sure your dahlias will be successful once they're planted.

Nathanael fills a customer's
While you're at the Olympia Farmers Market, you can look for the season's early produce, herb and veggie starts, fruit trees and berry plants, cut flowers, artisan cheeses, baked goods, fresh and cured meats, seafood, fruit, and a host of handcrafted items from turned wooden bowls to delicate jewelry. It's asparagus time, and if you're really lucky, there might be morel mushrooms, another seasonal delicacy.

But the prime place to head for, of course, is Lynch Creek Farm's booth, with dahlias from tiny pom pon dahlias to dinner-plate dahlia show-stoppers. And once the dahlia tubers are gone, it won't be long before the farm gang is back at the market with stunning flowers. Maybe even before the dahlias start. Stay tuned.

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