Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dahlias at the Market: Season's in Full Swing

Sandy Webster starts a new bouquet at the Olympia
Farmers Market.
Beautiful flowers, incredible splashes of color: that's the formula for the beautiful Lynch Creek Farm dahlia booth at the Olympia Farmers Market.

The fresh-cut dahlias at the market come straight from the dahlia fields at the Farm. Dahlia bouquets made up in vivid colors with elegant additions of sunflowers, salal leaves, beargrass strands, and statice ask nothing more than to go straight into a vase at home. Prefer to make up your own bouquet? You can mix and match five-stem bunches or single stems; the possibilities are endless. You can even make up a wedding bouquet with dahlias!

Lynch Creek Farm goes back a long way at the market: back more than 30 years, in fact, to the time when Farm owner Andy Hunter was a grade-school kid. His parents, Len and Colleen, decided that raising vegetables and flowers and selling them was a good job for three lively boys.

Andy Hunter, Lynch Creek Farm owner, starts off
the cut flower season at the market.
All through his school years and college years, Andy spent summers and holidays working on the farm. And after a brief post-university venture into the corporate restaurant world, Andy decided that he'd rather grow things.

He's grown a substantial business. Dahlias, gorgeous as they are, make up just part of the picture that is Lynch Creek Farm today. This fall, as soon as this season's dahlia tubers are dug and stored for the winter, the crew at Lynch Creek Farm will roll into action, making and shipping beautifully crafted holiday wreaths, swags, garland and centerpieces. Like Lynch Creek's dahlia tubers, the wreaths and greenery from the Farm go nationwide.

And the wreaths and greens will go on sale at the Olympia Farmers' Market too. Look for them in the same south-wall location as Lynch Creek Farm's dahlia tubers and those beautiful bouquets of fresh-cut dahlia blooms.

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