Monday, June 25, 2012

Dahlias Growing Strong at Lynch Creek Farm

Dahlia plants are up and flourishing at Lynch Creek Farm.
Photo by Evé Munguia.
It's an interesting dahlia-growing season in South Puget Sound this year.

Lynch Creek Farm's dahlia tubers went in right on time (right on time for a cool spring, that is) in late May, and a month later, the plants are up and growing.

The sturdy and lush, shouldering up in their tidy rows, benefiting from moderate temperatures and frequent showers and lots of attention from the crew.

A few of the dahlias at the Farm are showing
off with early blooms. Photo by Evé.
Given their planting date, the gang at Lynch Creek would expect the earliest blooms to open about a month from now, early in the fourth week of July. Strangely enough, on some of the dahlia varieties growing at the Farm, the first blooms have already appeared. That's something of an anomaly.

Ordinarily, dahlia flower buds don't form until the plants are well formed and approaching their normal height. But this  year, some buds are opening on plants a foot or so high.

Maybe it's the moon, or some combination of temperature and light. Whatever the case, the plants are looking great and flourishing. And this little late-June preview of the blooming season, while it's strange, is a delightful harbinger of beautiful dahlia flowers to come.

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