Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dahlia CUPCAKES! These blossoms know no season

Sarah MacIntosh created these dahlia
cookies in typical dahlia colors.
What do dahlia growers do once they've dug their dahlia bulbs and there's a long winter stretching ahead?

If you know Lynch Creek Farm well, you know that the dahlia-growing gang has a big, busy alter ego: Lynch Creek Wreaths. Andy, Nathanael, Patty, Mike, Evé and the rest of the crew are just coming down from a huge season producing lush and lovely evergreen Christmas wreaths, holiday swags and garland, and seasonal centerpieces.

Sarah's cupcakes are definitely
formal decorative dahlia types.
Meanwhile, their dahlia tubers wait (all snug in their beds, as it were) in storage for sorting and packaging for spring shipping.

Now that the pressure's off and when the phone rings it's usually someone exclaiming over how fresh, fragrant and beautiful their Lynch Creek evergreens are, the gang's taking time to enjoy this best time of year in the spirit of giving and sharing.

Mike Maddux from the Lynch Creek crew goes for the
flavor as well as the form.
That's how it happens that Sarah MacIntosh, who has been glued to the telephone for two months, managed to find the time at home to create these stunning treats to share with the staff. Having seen almost enough of snowmen, bells, holly and other Christmas icons, Sarah looked ahead to Lynch Creek's new year and—voila!—dahlias.

If Santa didn't bring you a certificate for dahlia tubers, you can brighten your wintry days by looking at the array of colorful dahlias awaiting shipping season. It's never too early to start planning your summer garden, and never too early to order your dahlia tubers from Lynch Creek. Reserve your favorites now for shipping when the time is right for your part of the country.

We'd like to say the crew will send you a dahlia cupcake when you order, but Sarah's going to take a well-deserved vacation.

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