Monday, August 8, 2011

Lynch Creek's Back at Olympia Farmer's Market!

market ladiesA week ahead of schedule, too!

Despite providing flowers for half a dozen weddings last weekend, the Lynch Creek Farm gang had hundreds of gorgeous fresh dahlia bouquets on sale (and sold 'em) at the Olympia Farmers' Market.

The fields at the Farm are bursting with dahlias. Each day, another variety opens its first blooms. It's been a strange year, with a cool wet spring that delayed planting, but a spate of warm, sunny days alternating with warm, overcast days has apparently been just what the dahlia fields ordered. Growth has been tremendous, foliage is looking great, and the flowers are, well, magnificent.

Grand Finale
Not only does this profligate display of green and brilliant color mean an abundance of beautiful dahlia flowers for weddings and the market, but it means that all those leaves are feeding strength into the dahlia tubers that the Lynch Creek crew will dig at season's end and prepare for buyers to purchase and plant next spring in their own dahlia gardens.

If you live in Western Washington, or plan to visit the area, don't miss the Olympia Farmers' Market at the north end of Capitol Way in downtown Olympia. It's overflowing with cut and potted flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, cheese and other dairy products, bakery goods, live music, ethnic foods, crafts and of course, Lynch Creek Farm dahlias.

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