Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lynch Creek Dahlias Hit Parade: 2011 Best Sellers

Gay PrincessJabberboxCornel
AmorousMidnight MoonExcentricIt's June, the selling of dahlia tubers is over for the summer, and now it's time for the Lynch Creek Farm version of Your Hit Parade.

I know. You've got to be really old as dirt to remember Your Hit Parade, with Dorothy Collins, Russell Arms, Giselle MacKenzie and Snooky Lanson singing the big tunes like Canadian Sunset. So maybe it would be better to compare it to the New York Times Best-Seller List.

Anyhow, Andy and Nathanael in the Lynch Creek Farm office offer their review of the top performers in the 2011 season's sales. But before we start listing dahlias, a couple of caveats. One: you'll see two positions for each listing. The first is the overall end-of-season position; the number in parentheses is the position prior to Lynch Creek Farm's half-price sale. Another: sales are to a degree limited by the number of tubers available. A new introduction with a limited number of tubers available may place far lower on the list than it would if it hadn't sold out early in the season. Wider variety is an incentive to shop early (you can pre-order as early as August). Half-off sales are an incentive to shop late. We'd suggest doing both.

But we digress. Here's the list:

  1. (3) Cornel: dark red ball dahlia, 4-5 inches across, beautiful close petal structure.
  2. (5) Jabberbox: peach-colored formal decorative, 2-4 inch flowers, plentiful bloomer.
  3. (1) Gay Princess: pink formal decorative with fimbriation at petal tips, 4- to 6-inch blossoms.
  4. (8) Excentric: soft pink informal decorative, 4-inch blossoms with yellow at base of petals.
  5. (2) Midnight Moon: showy formal decorative, white with lavender tips, 4- to 6-inch blooms.
  6. (6) Amorous: formal decorative, 2- to 4-inch soft orange flowers with burgundy spatters.
  7. Puget Sparkle: bright red formal decorative, 4- to 6-inch blooms, great for cutting.
  8. Fire Magic: fuchsia-salmon-mauve blend, semi-cactus, six-inch blooms on great stems.
  9. (11) Kasasagi: beautiful little flame blend pompon dahlia, yellow with red.
  10. (9) Bodacious: red dinner-plate dahlia with yellow tips, a giant show-stopper.
  11. Wildcat: firework-bright red-and-yellow miniature semi-cactus, 2- to 4-inch blossoms.
  12. (4) Myrtle's Folly: showy orange-mauve-purplish laciniated dahlia with 7-inch blooms.
  13. (10) Miss Delilah: lavender-pink formal decorative dahlia with 6- to 8-inch blooms.
  14. (7) Swan's Sunset: a show-stopping giant informal decorative with yellow tips on red petals.
  15. (12) Elma Elizabeth: deep purply-pink dinner-plate dahlia with nearly ball-shaped blooms.

KasasagiFire MagicPuget Sparkle

Myrtle's FollyWildcatBodacious
Elma ElizabethSwan's SunsetMiss Delilah

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