Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dahlias Part of Dalia's Quince Años Event

Dalia Martinez and her priestDalia and her bouquetWhen Dalia Martinez, the daughter of Alejandro and Guadalupe Martinez, celebrated her Quinceañera, beautiful dahlia flowers were part of her celebration.

Not only is the dahlia (Dahlia pinnata) the national flower of Mexico, but it's Dalia's namesake flower. So Lynch Creek Farm and Lynch Creek Floral teamed to provide Dalia with a lovely bouquet of dahlias and roses that she used in a part of her ceremony.
Communion at Dalia's Quinceañera
The Quinceañera, or Quince Años, celebration is an important ceremony in the lives of girls in many parts of Latin America and, in the United States, those whose cultural heritage is Latin American. It celebrates the transition from childhood to womanhood, and in the rites of the ceremony, the fifteen-year-old girl takes her place in the adult community.
Dalia and her padrinos
Her family and her padrinos, or godparents, present her with gifts symbolic of her transition, including a tiara, symbolizing her princess status; a rosary and a Bible, symbols of the faith; a scrapbook and pillow as recuerdos, souvenirs of the day. She may also receive a sceptre with which to reign over her special day; jewelry, often a holy medal; and a last doll, symbolizing the putting away of childhood's toys. She carries a bouquet, which is usually of silk flowers to be saved.

Typically, the event begins with a mass of thanksgiving in the girl's church. She is presented at the altar by her parents and padrinos, and is usually attended by friends, chambelanes and damas. In the course of the mass, she presents a bouquet of real flowers, usually roses, before the image of the Virgin de Guadalupe. These are left as an offering.
Dalia places her dahlia bouquet at the Guadalupe altar
At Dalia's Quinceaños mass, she presented a mixed bouquet of pink roses and dahlias in shades of rose and red, the gift of Lynch Creek Dahlias, which was designed for her by Lynch Creek Floral.

Following the mass, there's an extended party that includes food, music and dancing. As is usual at these parties, Dalia and her attendants took center stage at her Quinceañera party with an elaborate dance for which she and her chambelanes had rehearsed for months. Quinceañera is a great occasion for anyone. Lynch Creek was proud to have a small part in Dalia's big day.

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