Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dahlia Grower Has Mystery Bloom

unidentified dahlia
unidentified dahlia
It's frustrating to lose the name of a dahlia you've enjoyed. It's heartrending to lose the dahlia itself.

Dahlia afficionado Shiloh McCabe purchased a vigorous potted plant at Bell's Nursery in Anchorage, Alaska, and delighted in the vibrant hot pink blooms it produced in the summer of 2009, a year she said was wonderful for flowers in her area. Her efforts to store the tubers that winter, however, were unsuccessful. And she couldn't replace it, she said, because she had not yet begun keeping records of the varieties she grew. It was about 40 inches high, and the luscious blowsy blossoms were about six inches across.

It's unlike anything in the Lynch Creek inventory, and not typical of any of the standard dahlia forms; we haven't been able to locate a comparable bloom elsewhere. However, Andy suggests that it might possibly be a mutation or sport of Envy, a standout in the large and giant category. It appears to have underdeveloped florets around the center, which give it that open, semi-double appearance.

If there's anyone out there who has developed, grown or seen a dahlia similar to this, please use the comment box below and share your information. Thanks!


Kristen Haskell said...

Truly one of my favorite flowers. I plan to grow a few in containers this year.

SAM71 said...

I found it! 'S.R Lee'. I just picked up a package of two tubers at Alaska Mill and Feed. Can't wait to see these beauties again! Will be interesting to see the similarities and if the flowers of 2009 was just mutated in some way!

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