Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alaskan Grows Great Dahlias in the Far North—And So Can You!

Shiloh McCabe's dahlia
dahlias in Anchorage
At Lynch Creek Farm, the gang loves to hear from readers in other parts of the country and to find out how they meet the challenges of their climates.

One such grower, whose dahlias are pictured here, is Shiloh McCabe, who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where it's still snowy with nighttime temperatures around zero. "This time of year I start to go stir crazy and the temptation of dahlias haunts me!" she writes."I can hardly wait to go outside and start moving snow around..urging the ground to thaw that much sooner."

Last year, Shiloh says, she planted new dahlia tubers in pots on March 17 and began hardening them off at the end of April. "I moved them outdoors and put them in the ground on May 17," she says. "Planting them against the south facing wall really helps to keep them warm. They LOVE the long days and put on a beautiful show. I had to cut them back and put them in pots for winter during the third week of September. They are now dormant and waiting for spring...just like me!" Pictured is her dahlia Color Spectacle.

While she's waiting, she's enjoying a sunroom full of geraniums she's been propagating, as well as blooming abutilon. Like many of us who delight in our gardens, Shiloh likes to share commentary on her efforts. The comment boxes below offer a great chance to get into dialogue about your gardens—and your dahlias!

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SAM71 said...

Dear Carolyn and crew..I just thought I would report that the orange Dahlia's pictured above (Color Spectacle) are now sprouting nicely after being refreshed and finding the warmth of new soil. We are also seeing sprouts from Oriental Lilies, lots of Hybrid tea roses etc.. This is of course a controlled environment in the sun room. Forecast for the next 7 days..sunny!

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